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Gigging In 2010

I must admit, it’s been a slow start to the year for this blog. Not only has it been my quietest month for gigs in a long time, but my busiest at work, eating into my personal time and meaning I’ve had less time to dedicate to this blog.

Hopefully that’s all about to change soon. My big work project is nearing completion, and my gig diary is starting to fill up again, which feels rather comforting. I hope to write soon about the Fyfe Dangerfield gig I attended last week, and start gearing up for the following lot of upcoming gigs:

Midlake previewing their new album at The Tabernacle.

Martin John Henry, Sparrow & The Workshop, James Yorkston, and lots more at a charity gig next weekend in Edinburgh, looking forward to the trip!

David Ford playing a tiny show and releasing his new album at the Boogaloo.

The Wave Pictures playing at the newly refurbished Borderline as part of HMV’s new music gig series.

The Low Anthem playing their biggest gig yet at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, with David Ford supporting!

Another David Ford gig at the Boogaloo!

Midlake again at Shepherd’s Bush.

The Willkommen Orchestra (featuring members of Willkommen Records) at King’s Place.

Gabby Young & Other Animals launching their fantastic new single at their biggest yet gig, at Bloomsbury Ballroom.

John Cale performing Paris 1919 (wow!!!) at the Royal Festival Hall.

Get Well Soon returning to the UK following their new album release, at the Borderline.

A Silver Mt. Zion touring their new album, playing the Electric Ballroom.

Babybird following up their new album with a gig at the Scala.

Revere playing an as yet unconfirmed gig to launch their spectacular debut album.

Pavement returning to Brixton Academy.

Add to that Glastonbury and End Of The Road festivals and it’s already shaping up to be a pretty special year! Hope that you all have plenty of gigging fun lined up!


Gigs This Week (Dec 21st)

With Christmas a mere few days away, I have time to squeeze in one final gig for 2009, taking my grand total (including festival days) to 120! Just about to brave the snow to get to the gig so this will be a quick update!

James Yorkston & The Athletes – The Luminaire (Mon 21st Dec)

This will be my second of Scottish folk singer James Yorkston’s legendary Christmas gigs at the Luminaire. Last year he played solo, with a little help from a few friends. This time it’ll be the first time I’ll see him play with his main band The Athletes. I’m expecting fun, drinks, fancy dress and Christmas cheer! And that’s just James…

Gigs this week (14th December)

I haven’t had an ‘average’ week for gigs in ages. It’s either been very quiet (like the last few weeks), or jam packed like this upcoming week. Throw in a work Xmas party on Thurs, it’s shaping up to be a crazy week, but at least it’s not long til the holidays!!

Modest Mouse – Shepherd’s Bush Empire (Mon 14th Dec)

I was quite late to the party in discovering Modest Mouse, and so aside from part of their set at Glastonbury a few years ago, this will be my first proper chance to see them live. With a fairly recent EP release (‘No One’s First And You’re Next’), and an appearance at this weekend’s ATP festival, they’re playing a short UK tour.

Very much looking forward to this one, I’m a big fan of the last 3 albums, and from what I’ve read I should check out the earlier ones too. I’m hoping for a good selection across the back catalogue, and will be very pleased if we get one of the longer tracks like ‘Spitting Venom’, ‘The Stars Are Projectors’ or the superb ‘The Whale Song’ from the new EP – check out the video below.

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Gigs this week (7th December)

A hectic few weeks at work has meant not spending as much time as I’d like writing blog entries. I’m currently on my way to my first (and only) gig of the week, so thought I’d better squeeze in a quick ‘gigs this week’ post and test out the WordPress iPhone app while I’m at it!

So, tonight I’m heading to The Lexington to see The Bookhouse Boys. Not seen them for a while so really looking forward to it. With any luck I’ll have time for a review later this week.

What’s everyone else up to? Any exciting gigs this week?

Gigs this week (30th November)

After a hectic November (16 gigs!) things have thankfully calmed down, for this week at least! A chance to relax a bit during the week and then one gig this weekend…

Plan B/Morton Valence – Kingston St Johns Hall (Sat5th Dec)

Plan B are a band featuring friend of Revere, Consequence Of Sound writer, and all round good bloke Tony Hardy. It’s a show to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and so I’m going along to show my support and check them out. I believe they’re a covers band but that’s about all I know, looking forward to checking them out though.

Whilst I haven’t really focused on the support bands when talking about other gigs, I thought it was worth mentioning this time as I know the support better than the headline band! London based Morton Valence produce some lush and wonderful pop music, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again. Below is the video for album ‘Bob and Veronica Ride Again’ highlight ‘Chandelier’.

What gigs do you have planned this week?

Gigs this week (23rd November)

Welcome to this week’s update on upcoming gigs! Here are my gigging plans for the week, but what about you? Interested to hear what everyone else is up to so let me know with a comment below!

Malcolm Middleton – Bush Hall (Tues 24th Nov)

Other than Xmas single ‘We’re All Going To Die’ a few years back, and one or two Arab Strap songs, I’m not very familiar with the music of Malcolm Middleton. I was impressed with his performance at End Of The Road this year though, and a quick listen to recent album ‘Waxing Gibbous’ on Spotify suggested he’s worth seeing again.

With the suitable title for this time of year ‘Malcolm Middleton’s Long, Dark Night’, it promises lots of songs about love, hate, death and ‘other stuff’. Sounds good to me!

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Gigs this week (16th November)

After all the busyness of last week I need to catch up on a few gig write-ups, but all in all it was a fantastic week. Some amazing bands and lots of fun, even if I am still tired as a result.

This week sees another couple of gems, but thankfully only two this week and a few nights for me to relax before then!

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