2009 Round-Up Part 3 – Various Stats & Lists

Being a music geek I have to admit I’m a bit of a fan of stats & lists. This very reason is why sites like Last.fm and Songkick. They allow music geeks like me to track who they have seen & listened to, and then present them back in some nice lists, as well as gathering some great data about people’s listening habits and gig attendance as a whole, not just on an individual basis.

So before I reveal (i.e. finish writing) my top albums and gigs of the year, here are some of the ‘highlights’ of what I’ve been up to taken from those very sites. If you get bored easily by lists, look away now!

Summary Stats

Taken from my Last.fm and Songkick profiles.

Number of gigs attended – 104
Number of festivals attended – 6 (16 days)
Total number of ‘gig days’ – 120
Number of different bands seen – 353
Number of different venues attended – 59
Total tracks scrobbled by Last.fm – 15,800 (approx)

Top 10 most seen live bands

Taken from my Songkick gigography.

1. Broken Records (9 times)
2. Revere (8 times)
2. The Acorn (8 times) *
4. Duke Special (7 times)
5. The Low Anthem (6 times) *
6. David Ford (4 times)
6. Fanfarlo (4 times)
6. Gabby Young & Other Animals (4 times)
6. I Am Kloot (4 times)
6. The Leisure Society (4 times)

* The Acorn & The Low Anthem included 2 sets each at End Of The Road, which Songkick doesn’t track separately.

No real surprises here. Most of these artists I would go and see at a gig or festival wherever possible, although as much as I enjoyed them Fanfarlo made the list more by chance due to a few festival & support appearances. Duke Special got a boost from the series of free gigs he did whilst appearing at the National Theatre in the play ‘Mother Courage And Her Children’. Revere were my most seen ‘headline act’ of the year, as many of the others featured multiple festival appearances.

Top 10 most listened to artists

Taken from my Last.fm charts.

1. The Beatles (944 plays)
2. Neil Young (784 plays)
3. De Rosa (391 plays)
4. Super Furry Animals (377 plays)
5. The Fiery Furnaces (360 plays)
6. Genesis (359 plays)
7. Babybird (282 plays)
8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (273 plays)
9. Revere (265 plays)
10. Idlewild (250 plays)

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list is Idlewild, however I must have listened to them more than I thought before and after their series of album gigs back in May, as well as the new album more recently. The Beatles are a clear winner due to my purchasing of the remastered box set and constant listening ever since. Neil Young is mainly accounted for by the back-to-back discography listening session I carried out with Spotify, which was a great experience. I’m expecting Revere to shoot up the list next year when their album is finally released.

So there you go, hopefully not too painful. I avoided too many lists & stats, but if there is anything you want to see just ask 😉 I’m also keen to see other music lovers/geeks’ lists & stats for 2009, please share if you have any compiled, or just pull out some from Last.fm and Songkick like I did!

You can find the rest of my 2009 end of year round-up here.


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