Gigs this week (14th December)

I haven’t had an ‘average’ week for gigs in ages. It’s either been very quiet (like the last few weeks), or jam packed like this upcoming week. Throw in a work Xmas party on Thurs, it’s shaping up to be a crazy week, but at least it’s not long til the holidays!!

Modest Mouse – Shepherd’s Bush Empire (Mon 14th Dec)

I was quite late to the party in discovering Modest Mouse, and so aside from part of their set at Glastonbury a few years ago, this will be my first proper chance to see them live. With a fairly recent EP release (‘No One’s First And You’re Next’), and an appearance at this weekend’s ATP festival, they’re playing a short UK tour.

Very much looking forward to this one, I’m a big fan of the last 3 albums, and from what I’ve read I should check out the earlier ones too. I’m hoping for a good selection across the back catalogue, and will be very pleased if we get one of the longer tracks like ‘Spitting Venom’, ‘The Stars Are Projectors’ or the superb ‘The Whale Song’ from the new EP – check out the video below.

I Am Kloot (solo) – Putney Half Moon (Tues 15th Dec)

I Am Kloot are surely one of this country’s most underrated bands, especially when it comes to their live shows. Aside from the release of b sides compilation ‘B’, and a few gigs, this has been a relatively quiet year for the Kloot, however in fine tradition, at least once a year singer John Bramwell heads out for a bunch of solo tour dates.

This time he’s promoting a planned re-release of a mini album he released under the name ‘Johnny Dangerously’ way back in 1990 before I Am Kloot formed. The album contains one of his finest compositions ‘Black And Blue’, which usually gets an outing at these solo shows. Whilst it may lack the power of the full band, expect lots of Kloot classics, the odd cover, and some fantastic drunken banter and crowd interaction.

Gabby Young & Other Animals – The Borderline (Wed 16th Dec)

I discovered Gabby Young through her involvement (live and on record) with Revere a few years back. Last year she put together a new band – the fantastically named ‘Other Animals’ – to deliver her infections mix of folk/pop/jazz/soul and so many other styles blended together. Recent album ‘We’re All In This Together’ captures the live energy and is one of my favourite releases of 2009.

Having seen them put on some fantastic shows this year, I couldn’t resist another, especially as being an ‘animal’ (an innovative album pre-order meets fan club package) I get free entry to this show. I believe it’s a bit of a stripped down show, and a celebration of christmas and the great year the band has had.

David Ford’s Milk & Cookies – Bush Hall (Fri 18th Dec)

And finally, hopefully with enough energy to make it through this one, it’s the annual Christmas charity concert from David Ford. Now in it’s 9th year, and returning to Bush Hall after being relocated to Eastbourne last year, this should be a fantastic show.

Each year the concert(s) (this year and others have also featured a Manchester show) involve milk & cookies (clue is in the title!) and souvenier CDs being sold for charity, as well as auctions in advance to select a song for Mr Ford to play, as well as get up on stage to play a song with him. The rest is a combination of his own songs, and covers, often selected at random from a big book of ‘number 1 hit singles’ or similar. All for a good cause and excellent fun!


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