What albums am I missing this year?

It’s getting to that time of year where everyone is publishing their ‘albums of the year’ list, and so I’ve started thinking about mine. I’m starting to become aware of the many albums getting lots of praise that I have yet to hear, so thought it was worth asking the question – what should I listen to that I might have missed this year?

There are a lot of names I keep hearing and have meant to listen to, but never got around to, such as The Big Pink and Wild Beasts. There are also bands that I know and love, but still need to check out their latest release, such as The Twilight Sad (really need to rectify that one asap, judging by the reviews).

So, over to you, readers of my blog! What would you recommend? I’m probably not going to add anything to my shortlist at this late stage, as that would be a bit contrived, but you never know!

Here are a few recommendations from my shortlist that might have passed you by, as they don’t seem to have featured heavily in end of year lists:

De Rosa – Prevention (listen on Spotify / We7)

James Yorkston – Folk Songs (Listen on Spotify / We7)

Euros Childs – Son Of Euro Child (Download free from Euros’ website)


One response to “What albums am I missing this year?

  1. I know I’ve already recommended these to you, and you might already have listened to them, but you should listen to them lots more!:
    Sweet Billy Pilgrim- Twice Born Men
    Richard Hawley- Truelove’s Gutter
    I’ll let you know if I think of any more.

    Oh, and I have a blog now too, by the way.

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