Revere – Brixton Windmill (Sat 28th Nov)

A few weeks on from their last London gig at The Flowerpot (read review), I took advantage of a final chance to see Revere play this year, as part of a charity gig organised by Maps magazine. Having rushed across town from another gig, I managed to catch the final support set, before Revere wrapped up the night sometime after 11pm.

Despite being a lower key show than the Flowerpot, the band still gave it their all. A number of technical issues and broken strings just seemed to make them try harder, giving the performance a shambolic, yet endearing quality. With the 8 members squeezed onto the Windmill’s small dark stage, the set kicked off with the tried and tested solid run of their forthcoming album’s first four tracks – ‘Forgotten Names’, ‘I Can’t (Forgive Myself)’, ‘As The Radars Sleep’, and ‘Throwing Stones’. Now staples of the live set, these songs result in much nodding of heads and singing along.

New track ‘We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow’ shows a different side of the band and is a confident demonstration of the band’s ability to write songs suited to radio, to compliment the sweeping film soundscapes of many of the others. After an energetic performance of ‘The Tired And The Drowned’, resulting in frontman Stephen Ellis losing 4 or 5 guitar strings, it’s time for the last track. A fitting way to end the year, the band dedicate ‘The Escape Artist’ to projectionist Ryan Pearce, and end the show in a sea of feedback, guitars and people.

I’m sure the band are very proud of what they have achieved this year. Their following seems to grow with every show, and the long awaited debut album is now complete, hopefully starting to gain the band respect and expectation within the industry ahead of it’s release next year. With the album release early in the year, and gigs starting to get lined up already, I’m very excited about what 2010 has in store for London’s brightest new band.

As a reminder, you can download 3 tracks from forthcoming album ‘Hey! Selim’ at – use the following as a flyer code: QLS328FGH4.


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