Revere – The Flowerpot (Sat 14th Nov)

And so on to the final gig of last week… I’ve finally caught up with the backlog!

So, Revere, my favourite new band in years, finally announced a weekend show meaning I had a great excuse to drag along a bunch of mates to experience just how good they are, as part of a big Saturday night out. I even had someone from Swansea along who had been waiting for a suitable opportunity to see them play.

Any initial disappointment of the planned gig at The Garage being replaced with a smaller show at The Flowerpot was soon gone, upon the realisation that as soon as debut album ‘Hey! Selim’ is unleashed upon the world next year the bigger shows will fast become the norm, and intimate gigs like this one will become rare. The band seemed more than happy to be playing to the packed out (and suitably engaged) crowd, most likely made up of the fans who’d already planned to attend the Garage gig, and regulars to The Flowerpot.

The energetic set mainly consisted of tracks from the forthcoming album (due around Feb/Mar 2010, I’m told), including long-standing crowd favourites ‘I Can’t (Forgive Myself)’, and ‘Maybe In Time’, previous singles ‘As The Radars Sleep’ and traditional epic set closer ‘The Escape Artist’, along with a few of the newer album tracks such as ‘The Tired And The Drowned’. This gig also gave the band a chance to showcase a few new tracks. The first of these, ‘We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow’ saw charismatic frontman Stephen Ellis dropping usual guitar duties and performing some Thom Yorke influenced dance moves. The second, a stripped down sea shanty ‘What Am I If I’m Not Even Dust’ received its first airing outside of a solo gig, albeit as a solo performance from Stephen and featuring a trumpet solo from Nathaniel Mumford. In additional to the visual spectacle of 8 members, the band also managed to squeeze their usual visual projections (and projectionist!) onto the tiny stage, adding even more polish and professionalism to the show.

This being probably the longest set the band have ever played, and being the 5th night in a row of a small tour, shows that they have the passion and energy to be take their live shows to the big stage. Those who have had the chance to witness small shows such this will be counting themselves lucky. I think the band will have gained many new fans that night, and throughout the tour, including several of my friends who were completely new to the band.

Those who attended the gig were given a code which will allow them to download 3 tracks from the forthcoming album, along with some nice artwork/lyrics/sheet music files. It’s based on an email referral system so I can’t just post a link but drop me a note if you’re interested.

UPDATE – The band have kindly provided access to the tracks without email referral. Go to then select the first option. Enter your email address and the code QLS328FGH4 – once you’re in you can get the first track and then recommend friends to unlock others.

You can also read the interesting + eventful tour blog from drummer Marc Rollins at


5 responses to “Revere – The Flowerpot (Sat 14th Nov)

  1. Yeah, really enjoyed this one. First saw Revere back in March ’07 supporting Troubles and was blown away- also great at the Luminaire in January ’08. Been meaning to see them again for ages, but never got round to it. Surprised they’re not bigger recently- all my friends I’ve introduced to them have loved them.

  2. That was my first Revere gig too! Was very impressed and have followed them since. Luminaire was a good one – they have a couple of DVD singles out which have footage from that gig if you haven’t seen them.
    Same here, everyone I know who’s seen them has been impressed, really hope the album next year gives them the audience they deserve.

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