Babybird – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (Thu 12th Nov)

Last week was the first time I’ve managed to catch Babybird live after being a long time admirer of Stephen Jones and his various solo & band work. This gig was predominantly to preview tracks from upcoming album ‘Ex-Maniac’, due out next March, and featuring heavily within the set.

Some more old song would have been nice, but the new songs sounded very fresh and a few in particular are likely to become highlights of the Babybird catalogue. Upcoming single ‘Unlovable’ (which features Johnny Depp on the album – not at the gig though to the dismay of a group of protographers down the front who took a bashing from Stephen for their continued presence) was a real highlight, with the band even playing a second unplanned encore to play it again, such was the great reception it got.

Old classics included a rousing version of ‘Bad Old Man’, a very reluctant ‘You’re Gorgeous’ (needs to be dropped from the set really, nobody – including the band – seems to be that bothered by it any more), and set finisher ‘Goodnight’.

All in all a great show from a highly underrated band, and a good chance to witness Stephen’s passionate but fiery personality in the live environment. A new tour is being lined up for March next year, hopefully this time Babybird are going to stick around a bit longer than last!


One response to “Babybird – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (Thu 12th Nov)

  1. Yeah, it was a great gig, and a pretty good atmosphere for it too given that there seemed to be quite a few people there who wanted to see Johnny Depp.
    Hopefully when they tour next year they’ll have dug up a few more classic tracks to play. The fact that the unplanned encore was for a song they had already done suggests that they had played everything that they had practiced.

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