Flaming Lips – Troxy (Wed 11th Nov)

Wayne Coyne & co never fail to deliver. Once again they put on a show full of joy, fun and excitement. Possibly the best ever gig opener is still there – Wayne comes on stage, gets into a giant ‘space bubble’ and runs across the crowd.Flaming Lips - Wayne Space Bubble

They then launch into ‘Race For The Prize’, with confetti, streamers and giant balloons filling the air. In a way it’s a shame that this high point of the set is out of the way right from the start, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Flaming Lips - Balloons & Confetti

The rest of the set was made up of well known tracks from the last few albums (‘Fight Test’, ‘The W.A.N.D.’, ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’), standout tracks still worthy of a live airing (‘In The Morning Of The Magicians’, ‘Pompeii am Götterdämmerung’, the latter sounding a like a pop version of Pink Floyd’s ‘One Of These Days’), and a handful from new album ‘Embryonic’. These translated well to the live environment, and slotted in well with the rest of the set. It was a bit disappointing that they only played four tracks from ‘Embryonic’ given that it’s an 18 track double album, but those played were highlights including ‘Convinced Of The Hex’, and my personal favourite ‘Silver Trembling Hands’.

Flaming Lips - Green Lazers Flaming Lips - Wayne

The band still include many of the fun elements of their show – a close up camera of Wayne’s face, the balloons & confetti, blowing up a giant balloon until it explodes, and Wayne wearing a strobe ‘vest’ for ‘The W.A.N.D.’. It was scaled back a lot from previous tours, with things missing such as the giant hands (although  still present on stage) and roadies in superhero outfits, but their stage dancers were back, this time wearing yeti costumes, limited to about 6 each side (compared with the normal 20 or so) due to space limitations. Despite all of these fun elements, the gig felt a bit slow in places (stripped down versions of ‘Fight Test’ and ‘Yoshimi’ probably didn’t help), and crowd reactions were a little disappointing, but all in all a very enjoyable gig.

Flaming Lips - Giant Balloon Flaming Lips - Lazers & Confetti


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