My new blog

Welcome everyone! This is my new blog.

I’m Gareth, I live in London, and amongst other things I go to lots of gigs & festivals. For a long time I have intended to set something like this up, and so here it finally is. I spend so much of my life listening to, watching, talking about, and thinking about music, I thought that having some sort of outlet for my thoughts and ramblings would be quite fun to do. Whether it’s of interest to anyone out there remains to be seen, but I’m keen to hear people’s thoughts, whether or not you know me already.

So what can you look forward to on here? It will be mainly gig focused, but I’ll also talk about music I’ve been enjoying. I don’t consider myself a writer really so I don’t intend to do full on reviews, but I will certainly be providing my thoughts & comments on gigs I’ve been to. I’ll be listing upcoming gigs I’m looking forward to and making recommendations. I’ll also post photos when I take them, and will dip into gigs from the past 10 years with some nice bits and pieces of content. As we are fast approaching the end of the year, I’ll also do my best to pull together my highlights of the year gone by when the time comes, although I can see picking my top 10 gigs/albums/songs being a tough job!

Elsewhere on the web, you can find me on Twitter,, Flickr and Songkick, so do come and say hello.

First proper post on the way soon!


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