Gigs this week (9th November)

So, for my first proper post here I’m going to tell you about a bunch of gigs I’m going to this week that I’m very excited about!

Andrew Bird – Union Chapel (Tues 10th Nov)

I discovered Andrew Bird earlier this year thanks to the wonderful people at Rough Trade’s Album Club. Having seen him play at Shepherd’s Bush earlier this year, and being mighty impressed by his talent, I jumped at the chance to see him at the Union Chapel, a beautiful venue in Islington. I originally accidentally double booked myself with the Flaming Lips that night, which I thankfully managed to resolve, and now get to see both 🙂

Flaming Lips – Troxy Ballroom (Wed 11th Nov)

It has been several years since I last saw the Flaming Lips, and having to resolve my gig clash issue I’m incredibly excited about this one!!! I have never seen another band that manage to create so much joy in playing live – the combination of glitter/streamers, giant balloons, a brightly coloured stage setup and amazing music is pretty overwhelming. The Flips playing ‘Race For The Prize’ live has to be one of the greatest live music experiences on offer! I’m very interested to hear their new material live too, as Embryonic their new album is very different to the last few. It has a bit in common with their old stuff, but it’s also something quite new, and definitley not a pop album like the last few. Also pleased that my brother is visiting for this one, as he’s a massive fan too.

Babybird – Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen (Thu 12th Nov)

Most people will know Stephen Jones (aka Babybird) for the 1996 hit single ‘You’re Gorgeous’.  Before that Stephen had recorded hundreds of demos at home on a 4-track recorder and was eventually convinced to release a series of ‘lo-fi’ albums. He subsequently was offered a record deal, formed a band, and released the afforementioned single. Since then the band has been an on-off thing amongst various solo records and side projects, all of it fantastic. I especially recommend the box set of the lo-fi albums as it’s an absolute goldmine of tunes. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing them live for the first time this week. There’s a short tour in aid of forthcoming album ‘Ex-Maniac’, which has been creating a stir in the press due to Johnny Depp being involved. There are even rumours of Johnny appearing at this gig, which could be fun (although unlikely), as long as it’s not full of his fans who have no interest in Babybird! Check out a fine example of Stephen Jones’ dark and twisted pop at its finest below.

Revere – The Flowerpot (Sat 14th Nov)

And finally, after a busy week (including a 24-hour trip back to Swansea on the Friday!) we come to Revere. In my opinion, Revere are quite simply the finest unsigned band in the country right now. With a variety of influences from Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd, to Mogwai and Godspeed! You Black Emperor, the 8-piece combine “elements of gypsy marches, klezmer, post rock, film scores and gospel into a truly unique sound” (their words – I tried to write something similar but just couldn’t pin it down so neatly!). Following a cancellation/last minute change of venue, the gig is still thankfully going ahead, and whilst sadly not on such a big scale, it’s bound to be as special as every performance they put on. I’m taking a few mates who haven’t seen them before and look forward to their reaction. Revere’s debut album ‘Hey! Selim’ is due out around Feb/Mar next year and is set to be something very special indeed, look out for it!

So that’s it. Will be a busy week but an exceptionally good one on the gig front. Let me know if you’re attending any of the gigs!


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